This Jetta Spot Is Just Gross

NEW YORK Extreme actions are sometimes required to make a point or garner attention, but licking bird droppings off a car hood? Gross. In this new Jetta ad from CreativeOnDemand, Coral Gables, Fla., airing nationally in cinema and on cable, a guy parks his VW and sees that his hood has, to his horror, been soiled. He first frantically tries to scrape it off with a leaf, but is unsuccessful. What does he do instead? He looks around, makes sure no one is looking and uses his mouth to clean it up. When he greets his date at the door and gives her a kiss, her expression tells viewers she picked up on the odd flavor on his lips. The spot ends with the two walking towards the car and the voiceover, “The Jetta. It’s a love thing.” Yes, we get it, he loves his car so much, he’d do anything to keep it looking clean. But all that we’re left with is a bit of nausea.