Jeep Hits High Note

NEW YORK Animals behaving like humans are nothing new in advertising, but this new Jeep Liberty spot from Cutwater is impossible to resist. A guy is driving down a wooded street, enjoying the music as he opens the sliding sun roof and let’s the outdoors in, along with, a second or two later, a squirrel. As the vocals to the 1970s hit “Rock Me Gently” kick in, the critter pops up on its hind legs and joins Andy Kim in a sing-along. The driver, who has been quietly tapping his fingers in appreciation of the tune, gives him a strange look and then joins him. Before long, birds fly in and the road trip continues until a wolf crashes the party. He jumps in through the open rooftop and immediately gobbles up one of the songbirds. A disappointed look from the driver prods the wolf to spit out the still-alive bird unscathed. They all merrily continue to sing. It’s a Snow White moment taken on the road to the tune of a beloved hit, but it works. It’s joyful, fun to watch, and especially fitting for a campaign whose tagline reminds, “Have fun out there.”