Jason Alexander Hawks KFC

NEW YORK–Jason Alexander, who, as George Costanza personified the neurotic nature of some New Yorkers on the TV show “Seinfeld,” has taken on the role of “chicken fanatic” in a $200 million advertising campaign from KFC.

In the first of three 30-second spots that begin breaking on network television on Sunday, Alexander tries to convert burger aficionados to KFC by emphasizing the food chain’s Original Recipe Chicken. The print portion of the campaign offers an “eat this coupon,” that can be clipped from newspapers, including USA Today. Using the coupon, customers can purchase chicken in specially priced deals.

Tagged “There’s fast food. Then there’s KFC,” the new campaign is the first brand work for the Louisville, Ky.-based client from BBDO in New York. The agency was awarded the business in December in an account shift from Young & Rubicam, also New York.