Izzo Pursues the Walking Golfer

Barnhart/CMI Keeps Client’s Ads Off-Kilter
LOS ANGELES–Athletic young golfers who prefer to walk the course than roll along in a cart remain the focus of Barnhart/CMI’s print work for Izzo golf bags.
Three new ads breaking this month suggest the Izzo golfer is a bit unorthodox, and happily so, playing golf as much for the exercise as to improve a handicap. He’s a little rebellious, naturally, and doesn’t skimp on the gear.
In one ad, a man with an Izzo bag is arrested, ostensibly for walking the fairways on a “carts-only” course. But what he’s doing, the ad says, “is far from a felony. In fact, it’s a major reason why many of us play the game.” For the walking golfer, Izzo suggests its patented dual-strap bag design can “reduce fatigue, help improve your game and prevent wear and tear on your back.”
Other ads show a man riding a bike to a golf game and a businesswoman carrying her clubs through an airport. The tag remains, “Golf’s a walk. Enjoy it.”
“Most golf ads are pretty boring,” said Andy Maier, account supervisor at the Denver agency. Lakewood, Colo.-based Izzo wants its ads to be unusual enough to make a splash, he said, while being true to the company’s core segment of walking golfers.
The ads, which continue last year’s creative strategy, will run in golf magazines through the summer.