It’s A Jungle Out There

Walt Disney Co. this week opens its newest theme park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, at the Walt Disney World complex in Orlando, Fla. And awaiting the first visitors is Ronald McDonald.
McDonald’s is the official sponsor of the park and the sole corporate sponsor of DinoLand U.S.A., one of the park’s three main areas. As such, it will leverage its involvement to the hilt with advertising and promotions, beginning April 24, that tie in with the attraction.
Super Size fry packaging will include instant-win sweepstakes games pieces. Winners go to, yep, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. For kids, Happy Meals will include Animal Kingdom graphics and toy animal premiums. Adults can collect Animal Kingdom glasses.
DDB Needham Chicago created general market TV spots. Leo Burnett, Chicago, handles Happy Meal spots. Burrell Communications, Chicago, handles African American ads. Frankel & Co., Chicago, and Simon Marketing, Oakbrook Terrace, Ill., handle promotions.
–Scott Hume