It’s All in MacGregor’s Handiwork

In a departure from category advertising, Fricks/Firestone’s new television spot for
MacGregor golf clubs uses a rock jingle and aggressive humor to promote the client’s hand-manufactured irons.
Over scenes of golfers who drop, toss and otherwise abuse their clubs, a singer intones a litany of manufacturing gimmicks to a raucous beat: “I’ve been oversized, multimetalized/Nickel, copper and titanium tantalized/Techno-babble, tungsten-teased/Hollow-headed, graphite-shafted . . .”
As an angry golfer stalks off the course, the spot transitions into a visual reproduction of one of the current print ads in Golf magazine, featuring a MacGregor craftsman making the clubs by hand.
The print ads focus more specifically on the cachet associated with using craftsmen. “Does an assembly line care if you break 90?” asks one. “Martha Ann and J.T. will be pretty bummed if you don’t.” All ads are tagged: “Without passion why bother.”
TV breaks in March and will appear on The Golf Channel and other cable networks. There are no buys scheduled currently for any of the major network golf championships, said John Fricks, a principal at the Atlanta agency.
Executive creative director Elliott Firestone was the copywriter and wrote the jingle’s lyrics. Leslie Collins was the art director. The spot was directed by Steve Colby of Pogo Productions.