Eisner Communications’ latest television spotfor the Maryland Lottery seems to be following a pattern.

Last year the Baltimore shop touted the lottery’s scratch-off tickets with a spot titled “Poison Ivy.”

The new commercial depicts a flea farmer who can’t stop scratching himself. Played with some gravity, the man walks viewers through his barn, showing off the wide range of different fleas he raises.

What’s next? According to agency executive creative director Steve Etzine, one upcoming promotion involves a happy couple. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” runs the dialogue.

The possibilities are endless, Etzine said.

“Maybe we’ll do a dry skin one at the end of summer when everyone’s tans are peeling,” he said.

Most minor maladies are fair game, said Etzine, who would liketo create a commercial around dry scalp.

“I’d like something thought-provoking,” he said. “Once the vieweris engaged, he or she participates in the spot.”