But Is It Art?

New York-based Burkhardt & Hillman’s first print ads for Tom’s of Maine use the product as the medium.
One of a series of ads (shown here) features a picture of the planet Earth drawn in toothpaste. The point, as the tagline makes clear, is that “Tom’s protects more than just your teeth.” The client uses Earth-friendly packaging and gives 10 percent of its profits to various environmental charities.
Other toothpaste drawings to come include an execution with a tree (Tom’s packaging is all recyclable) and a mouse (Tom’s conducts no animal testing).
Previously, Kennebunk-based Tom’s advertised solely on radio. The client will spend $5 million on August editions of magazines such as Self, Prevention, Audubon and Atlantic Monthly.
Tom’s dominates the health-store toothpaste category, with 55 percent of sales. The client is hoping the campaign will give the brand a greater acceptance in supermarket and drugstore channels.
…..–Lori Lefevre and Jim Edwards