Irish Setter Countrysiders

When a line extension fails, it’s often because it focuses on the character of the original product and ignores the character of its customers. An ad for casual shoes by Irish Setter (known for hunting boots) doesn’t make that mistake. With its pithy transcript of this man’s internal monologue as three ducks fly past, the ad aligns the non-hunting product with the way Irish Setter men define themselves. Copy does so explicitly, calling Countrysiders “casual shoes for guys who’d rather be hunting.” In its deadpan way, the ad assures readers they can take unarmed strolls without turning into today’s sensitive New Man. Slip on your Countrysiders, the triple-“Blam” text suggests, and you’ll be imbued with manly hunter spirit even if you had to leave your gun dog at home and walk with your wife. Surely that’s worth the price of a pair of shoes.