IQ News: Web Crusader Leaves CNET

Kate Everett-Thorp, a prominent new media executive at CNET has resigned to start a new media advertising agency, leaving the online publisher to reorganize its marketing department.
Everett-Thorp, who joined CNET, San Francisco, three years ago as vice president, crusader and advertiser programs, left the company last month to launch Lot 21, of which she is president and chief executive officer.
“I left to take it a step further in the interactive advertising arena,” said Everett-Thorp, whose position at CNET centered on helping agencies create online campaigns for their clients.
Everett-Thorp described Lot 21 as an “interactive advertising agency,” but declined to offer details about the size of the shop. She hopes to sign its first clients by the end of this week.
Ellen Atkinson, CNET’s executive vice president of marketing, said that staff members previously reporting to Everett-Thorp have been shifted to one of two places: marketing development or ad sales. “[Everett-Thorp] played a lot of different roles,” said Atkinson, who added that those roles may have “outlived their usefulness.” In general, agencies now have more highly developed new media departments.
Everett-Thorp has also been an active member of the new media advertising industry and is a founding member of the Internet Advertising Bureau. Greg Osberg, president of sales and marketing, will take Everett-Thorp’s place as CNET’s representative on the Board of Directors of the IAB. –Laura Rich