IQ News: NetGravity Saves Agencies’ Money

NetGravity, the San Mateo, Calif.-based company best known for providing ad management systems to online publishers, is now putting similar tools in the hands of ad agencies.
The company is preparing to launch its new NetGravity AdCenter for Agencies service in March, a suite of applications for media planning and buying, trafficking, ad targeting and campaign analysis. The tools will free agencies from having to outsource those tasks.
The new product is a line extension of sorts of the NetGravity AdCenter, which was released last year to publishers as a Web-based service to target, serve and report information on online ads. Still, NetGravity officials see the agency-targeted product as something that will branch out into a different area. “AdCenter for Agencies is very different,” said Larry Wear, vice president of global services for NetGravity. “This is an outsourced service that agencies tap into to manage every stage and process of media planning and campaign management.”
The service was developed with input from agencies and initial customers Anderson & Lembke, San Francisco, and and Ogilvy & Mather, both New York. Pricing will likely be a combination of an annual licensing fee with a CPM price for actual ad delivery.
“We’re looking at enhanced tracking and reporting tools that give us advanced information on effectiveness for both particular campaigns and ongoing media plans,” said NetGravity product manager Patrina Mack.–Susan Kuchinskas