IQ News: Logo Enhancement Program to Launch

Companies stuck with that plain-Jane, brick-and-mortar look may have gained a new makeover option as San Francisco-based TeamAudio, a full service Web audio production company, today releases TeamAudioID.
The product uses Flash animations and audio to enhance existing company logos for the Web. “Corporate logos imported from the offline world often look static and flat online,” said Carolyn Ramin, the company’s chief strategic officer. “TeamAudioID is intended to add a mobile dimension using Flash, original music, narration and sound design.”
Because the size of these files is kept extremely small, download time will not be noticeably affected, according to Ramin.
Ramin said it is critical for online logos to incorporate movement. “It has the same branding impact we’ve seen on television and movies all these years–the NBC peacock, the MGM roaring lion. We’ve seen dancing images for years, and that’s what we expect.”
According to Ramin, TeamAudioID is aimed at companies that are interested in rich media but are unwilling or unable to invest substantial time and money to create more comprehensive audio/visual environments.
It is Ramin’s hope that once these companies invest in the TeamAudioID offering, they will be drawn to commit more time and money to other rich media projects.
TeamAudio is going up against established Internet audio production companies such as AudioBase, based in Sausalito, Calif., and Beatnik of San Mateo, Calif. Ramin says that while AudioBase and Beatnik have the capacity to enhance logos, it is not their main focus.