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Still A Bull Market
When Cuba Gooding Jr.’s Rod Tidwell entered the phrase, “Show me the money!” into the cultural canon, it was 1996 and few were looking for the loot online. Now three years later, the predominance of informational and research sites perhaps indicates a hesitation among people to do anything more than gather financial information they then use offline. Indeed, stock trading sites aren’t quite as hot as their hype, with only E*Trade making a fight of it. But just give it time – the money will come.
Top Financial Sites, April 1999
Unique Visitors (in 000s)

1 AOL Personal Finance 9,464
2 Sites 2,805
3 Money Central 2,418
4 E* 1,603
5 1,602
6 1,471
7 1,125
8 1,096
9 1,085
10 1,059
Top Financial Sites – By Household Income, April 1999