IQ News: Digital Pulp Takes takegoodcare

Home healthcare company takegoodcare tapped Digital Pulp both to build its online store and develop a $5 to $10 million traditional and interactive ad campaign to market the new site.
“Healthcare on the Web is becoming a huge market,” said Digital Pulp CEO Lee Nadler, citing the advent of sites like and PlanetRx. “People are being forced to take care of themselves more, or to take care of a loved one.”
Summit, N.J.-based takegoodcare provides services, information and products from stores in Springfield and Edison, N.J. The site,, is expected to launch at the end of summer, Nadler said. Digital Pulp, which provides marketing services to clients using off- and online media, will support with national online, print, television and radio advertising.
Joyce Greenberg, chairwoman and CEO of takegoodcare, said the company considered several other undisclosed agencies before selecting Digital Pulp.
“It’s a growth market that is growing in a way that has characteristics to suit the Internet very well,” Greenberg said, noting that online help and training for product use, 24-hour customer service and community all will be incorporated in the site. The opportunity to chat “is as important as product,” she said.
While takegoodcare won’t expand its brick-and-mortar existence, Greenberg views its stores as “important laboratories” for creating the site and learning customer preferences. -Adrienne Mand