IQ News: Deadline

No Search
At the d:tech conference in Chicago last week, Infoseek CEO Harry Motro and Beth Vanderslice, president, Wired Digital, each downplayed rumors that their search services were actively looking for a buyer. The subject was raised during a panel by Lycos CEO Robert Davis since mergers have been rumored in the category. Separately, Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Infoseek announced a deal with The Women’s Network, New York, to provide an information and navigation channel for women on Infoseek.

Skeptic Sales Reps
The Laredo Group, Cambridge, Mass., an Internet consulting and research company, polled 160 Internet ad sales reps recently to determine if they think interactive ad sales is a growing industry. Forty-nine percent said no; 29 percent were neutral. Only 22 percent said the industry is growing. More than half of those who responded were at the management level.

Nestle Reacts
Nestle, Glendale, Calif., is conducting an online and print media blitz with Parade Publications’ to promote its summer rollercoaster sweepstakes for Nestle Crunch Ice Cream Bars. The brand will be featured in a mini-site, housed on It will also be featured in’s online mall and in games.