IQ News: Bits

GTE SuperPages, Dallas, purchased the directory and trade name for BigBook, San Francisco. BigBook will remain in the network marketing business, but the site is now owned by GTE.
A rotation of three condensed, graphic-rich banner ads for The Station appeared on the Web late last week. Developed in-house by Sony Online Entertainment, New York, the 10 kilobit java-enabled files are considered a new generation of Web media and require just a version 3.0 browser of Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
NetRatings, Milpitas, Calif., and RelevantKnowledge, Atlanta, released their latest Web measurement statistics last week. America Online, Dulles, Va., issued a statement that both companies misreported membership figures for the AOL proprietary service. The Web measurement companies report usage numbers for the Web site, and not the AOL service.
According to a new report by ASI and Grey Interactive, New York, banner advertisements are recalled well by users, as are persuasion measures that include simple messages with single objectives. Bigger ads, such as interstitials, are more effective than small ads, and interactive ads have almost double the click-through rate of static banners, the study found.
Organic Media, San Francisco, a division of Organic, landed Avis and The Gap as new clients, increasing the company’s billings to $35 million since its inception in September. Avis, Garden City, N.Y., hired Organic to direct its online media strategy and planning. For The Gap, San Francisco, Organic will direct all research and placement of ads to drive traffic to the retailer’s online store. Other Organic clients include Nike, Toys ‘R Us and Sun Microsystems.
In other news . . . CitySearch, Pasadena, Calif., and Zip2, Mountain View, Calif., are merging to become one company called CitySearch. The deal is valued at more than $300 million. The new company called CitySearch will be located in Mountain View . . . Excite, Redwood City, Calif., acquired Classifieds2000, Sunnyvale, Calif., in a transaction valued at $48 million. Excite will incorporate Classifieds2000 functions throughout its channels and the classifieds will also continue to run on the Classifieds2000 site (