IPG’s Bozell and Lowe Talk Merger

NEW YORK Merger discussions are on again between Interpublic Group’s Bozell and Lowe. The agencies have received IPG’s blessing and have begun briefing clients on the move.

Should the union go through, Bozell’s clients and staff would be absorbed by Lowe. The 82-year-old Bozell name would remain only on the door of its founding office, the independent Bozell & Jacobs in Omaha. Still, sources said Bozell CEO Tom Bernardin would end up on top of the merged U.S. operation.

Lowe and Bozell executives did not return calls. An IPG representative said, “We constantly look for ways to provide better service to our clients. If combining operations or encouraging our companies to collaborate in new ways, offers such benefits, we will always consider it.”