Invision Eyewear

There’s a standard complaint about ads for clothing and fashion accessories: Of course the models wearing them look good—they’re models! But it’s not as if an advertiser wants to show unattractive people wearing its wares. What’s an ad to do? InVision cleverly focuses ourattention on the power of its frames to transform even the most unpromising specimen—for instance, a guy who “Has eight bodies buried in basement.” We can only imagine how unsavory this fellow would look if it weren’t for those stylish glasses. The offbeat humor (this is the only ad I’ve seen this year in which anyone has more than one body buried in his basement) also deals gently with the ambiguous feelings people have in buying something to upgrade their looks. They want the transformation, but without admitting to themselves that their current image is a dud. This ad’s deadpan sales pitch—”It’s amazing what the right pair of glasses can do”—lets us laugh at the notion of a makeover while secretly hoping InVision glasses will give us a new look.Agency


Wenham, Mass.



Communications, McLean, Va.

Creative Directors

Jim Hagar

Andrew Lewis

Art Director

Bob Gates


Merrideth Kalil


Terry HeffernanAgency

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InVision, Minneapolis

Creative Director

Sue Kruskopf

Art Director

James Zucco


Scott Jorgensen


Kevin White