Introducing The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation

Albertsons Media Collective's Evan Hovorka and Dan Massimino explore the key pillars for co-building the future of retail media

It’s no secret that collaboration is essential to growth, but the how of it isn’t always so clear—and it's the understanding of how that is a true competitive advantage. Join Adweek X, a uniquely formatted event on December 4 in LA, to unlock fresh perspectives, true collaboration and growth.

Adweek is pleased to announce our newest podcast The Garage: Tools for Retail Media Innovation hosted by Evan Hovorka, vp of product and innovation, and Dan Massimino, director of marketing, from Albertsons Media Collective. The Garage dives into the why, the how and the who cares of retail media innovation. 

Retail media is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The best version of the industry’s future requires purposefully open partnerships with merchants, clients, agencies and vendors. 

Inspired by Hovorka’s home garage where many ad-tech innovations were born, the podcast will explore what lies ahead for this exciting industry. And true to The Garage’s mindset of building better together, they weave a common thread of collaborative innovation through conversations.

The duo has been building retail media and retail solutions for a combined two decades. Their 20 years of retail and media experience and a host of industry experts will unlock a unique view into the best version of what retail media networks could be. 

Stream the trailer below, listen and subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or find it on Spotify