IKEA “Subtitles”

For a couple just back from vacation, it looks like these two need another break. In this Ikea spot from Deutsch, New York, a woman walks into a bedroom, bags in hand, and flops face first into her bed. While this usually denotes a stressful, tiring day, here it is a sign of less-than-satisfying hotel accommodations. “Oh, I missed you so much,” she says. Since she hasn’t moved her face, we follow her affectionate return to her bed through subtitles. “The hotel bed had no support. I tossed and turned all night.” Her husband, sporting a red tan fit for a lobster, drops down beside her and asks for aloe. “I’ll never leave you again,” she tells her bed. There’s a consumer insight here that makes this spot ring true. I’ve often returned from travel longing for the minute that I can crawl into the comfort of my own bed. What is not believable is that they would have left their bed unmade before they left, and their bedroom is so sterile, it looks more like a showroom than a lived-in space. But that’s besides the point. Never thought about Ikea as a place to shop for a mattress, but next time I’m in the market, I just may take a trip to its nearest store and take a test-flop myself..--Eleftheria Parpis