Ikea Provides Organization In First Ads From CL

Carmichael Lynch suggests that Ikea provides ways to help people “live better” in the agency’s debut campaign for the retailer.

Two TV spots, which break March 19, back the company’s “You can’t be too organized” sale. The 30-second spots demonstrate how Ikea’s organizational furniture can make life better.

In one spot, a couple discusses a neatly organized home next door. The man scoffs that their neighbors must be “uptight.” But he’s proven wrong when he sees the wife pursuing her husband through their living room, wearing leather lingerie and brandishing a whip.

The other spot shows a kid coming downstairs, asking his mother where his Space Patrol toy is. After quizzing the boy, Mom then tells him it’s in an orange box in the northeast corner of his bedroom.

Both spots feature the words, “You can’t be too organized” and the Ikea logo.

The effort uses a new tagline, “Live better,” though it’s not employed in the spots. The tag, which will appear in banner ads and print, is taken from internal communications Ikea has used for about five years, said Joakim Gip, Ikea director of external communications.

“One of our goals was to bring out what it is that Ikea knows about people and their lives,” said CL account director Karen Brown.

How to promote the sale was the assignment for the contenders pitching Ikea’s $40-50 million account last year. Deutsch split with the client in October after 11 years and did not participate in the review.