Idea group TOUTS horizons

The Boston Idea Group, formerly the Advertising Club of Greater Boston, has unveiled its 2001 public service campaign for the Horizons Initiative, which provides homeless children with educational play opportunities.

A print ad running in The Boston Globe and other papers shows a teenager frolicking on a playground. “He’s homeless. Yet somehow managed to use the word ‘awesome’ 11 times today,” copy reads.

Several 30-second TV spots are running on Boston-area stations. One shows kids talking about their favorite foods; another shows a group playing hide-and-seek. “This is not a home video,” a voiceover says. “Because these kids don’t have a home.”

Both print and TV ads feature the “Helping hands” tag and the initiative’s telephone number.

The effort was crafted pro bono by Donovan Group, Watertown, Mass. The Idea Group each year selects an organization for a public service campaign. Last year, Allen & Gerritsen, also in Watertown, developed an effort for the Literacy Volunteers of Massachusetts.