Hummer’s Long, Strange ‘Toboggan’ Ride

BOSTON Modernista! today breaks a 60-second holiday-themed spot for General Motors’ Hummer that shows a father and two kids riding a toboggan down a snowy hillside.

What begins as a fun adventure turns subtly surreal as the winding white expanse goes on without any end in sight. The father grows increasingly concerned as powder flies up into his face. The Hummer H2 is shown at the close of the spot, which continues the brand’s long-running “Like nothing else” tagline.

“Toboggan” was intended to highlight the vehicle’s family appeal and suggest its off-road capabilities, the agency said.

The commercial will run through the holiday season, mainly on national network TV. A 30-second iteration has also been produced.

Joe Fallon and Lance Jensen served as copywriters, with Tim Vaccarino and Gary Koepke handling art direction. Kathryn Bigelow directed. Charles Wolford served as executive agency producer.

The client spends about $100 million annually on ads through independent Modernista! in Boston.