Hughes Spins Revolution Ads For Online Site

There’s a revolution afoot in the music world, and The Hughes Agency has been hired to promote it.
Custom Revolutions, an online music retailer, selected the Norwalk, Conn., shop to highlight its services, said agency president Paul Hughes. The site offers an array of songs that consumers can choose to create customized compact discs, which average about $15 for 10 songs, said Hughes.
Two teaser ads targeting music industry executives broke in Billboard magazine. Images of revolution– Lenin, a burning bra–accompany the client’s logo and the tagline: “A new spin on music.” Consumer ads are scheduled for later this year. Billings were not disclosed.
“Basically, we wanted to create the impression that they are on the cutting edge of the music business,” Hughes explained. “Most music companies are reluctant to release old labels, and we’re trying to say, ‘Give us your hits from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s and you’ll find a new profit center.'”
Most of the site’s current songs are outside the mainstream. Stamford, Conn.-based Custom Revolutions has a licensing deal with K-Tel Records.
Although online companies such as N2K and CDuctive sell music, Custom Revolutions main competitor– and the only other Web site to offer customized CDs–is Music Maker.