It’s the holiday season, and you know what that means. That’s right—time for a fluorescent-green martini glow watch, colorful martini glasses and bright-green feather boas.

At least, that’s what the brand managers for Allied Domecq’s Midori melon liqueur would like you to think. They’ve developed these promotional materials to give away through the end of the year. All items carry the tag, “Midori Martini: ‘Time to shake it up.’ “

The materials were devised by in-house trend watchers who came up with “cool” items. “The feather boa zeroes in on the target consumer, which is a young, fun, love-to-party kind of person,” explained Marty Cash, Midori brand manager.

The items are currently being given away at bar parties in target markets that include Boston, Miami, Houston, Austin, Texas, Denver, Los Angeles and San Francisco. So far, they’ve been a hit. “We’ve had tons of Internet inquiries asking where [consumers] can buy the items,” Cash said.

Ziccardi Partners Frierson Mee in New York handles U.S. Midori advertising for Bristol, England-based Allied Domecq.