in the house

House of Business, a bi-monthly magazine that focuses on people who use technology to run home-based businesses, is changing its name to Broadband House after a year of publication.

Households equipped with broadband (high-speed Internet access via cable modem, DSL, ISDN, satellite or T1 lines) are a boon for advertisers in the high-tech sector, said president and editor-in-chief Scott DeGarmo. That’s why the magazine will carry the subtitle, “Living and Working in the High-Bandwidth Era.”

The target readership of Broadband House includes “early adopter families” who consider broadband more essential than microwaves and VCRs, and who have expressed a strong interest in videoconferencing, distance learning and downloadable entertainment, said DeGarmo.

“The smart money is saying this market is on the verge of explosive growth,” he said. “Broadband is getting hotter every day. We’ve been covering it for a year, and the name change helps make our mission absolutely clear.”

The new name is effective with the September-October issue.