Horizon Partners With Backchannelmedia

Horizon Media is the first media agency to partner with Backchannelmedia in its TV-to-Internet click through advertising platform.

Horizon client MGM Grand at Foxwoods, which will open on May 17, will use Backchannelmedia technology in conjunction with Hearst-Argyle owned ABC affiliate WCVB-DT Channel 5 in Boston.

Backchannel technology will be embedded in existing set-top boxes in a number of test homes that will allow viewers using their own remote controls to click on special icons from the advertiser that appears during regular programming on their TV screens. The information contained in the icon will be forwarded to a special portal that has been created for the viewer on the Internet, where the viewer can later go to retrieve the information, coupons, or other promotional messages or offers from the advertiser.


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