Honoring Aviation’s Heroes

Listing the heroes of flight, you might include Amelia Earhart or Michael Jordan. But what about your uncle in his Coke-bottle glasses?

Bailey Lauerman & Associates in Lincoln, Neb., is creating ads cele brating the lesser-known avia tion and space-exploration pioneers to raise money for the Smith sonian’s Udvar-Hazy Center, a new branch of the National Air and Space Museum that will display historical aviation artifacts.

Creatives trolled through thousands of vintage photos while crafting the ads. The goal is for readers to cele brate friends and family members involved in avia tion by reserving a spot for them on the Wall of Honor—a set of brushed-aluminum plates that will line the walk way outside Udvar-Hazy when it opens at Dulles Airport in 2003 (see www.nasm.edu/nasm/ext).

“Maybe your uncle figured out how to put washers and rivets on a rocket,” says account supervisor Tim Geisert. “This is a way to memorialize him.”

“These are people who never expected to be heroes,” adds art director David Steinke, who helped lead the creative charge.

Bailey Lauerman proposed the pro-bono project to Joseph Suarez, director of the National Air and Space Society, a year ago. It now comes to fruition at a time when heroism through flight is being keenly felt. To get the word out, the shop will ask magazines to donate space.

“It’s one of those obscure, cool things that needs communi cations to work,” says Geisert.