Honey, I Shrunk the Ad

}You can’t read it with the naked eye, but hey, it’s still a great ad.

The Guinness Book of Records, longtime tracker of unmatched achievements, has gotten into the act itself, celebrating the launch of its new Web site by commissioning the world’s smallest ad—a text-only offering that reads, simply, “guinnessworldrecords.com.”

“We knew we had to have something pretty extraordinary given the nature of our business, and we set out to capture the whole sense of ‘wow’ which surrounds the record book,” Stewart Newport, Guinness’ keeper of records, told the AP in London.

Scientists created the ad, which is slightly wider than a human hair, by spraying evaporated gold through a tiny stencil onto a piece of film. In a moment of typical British oddness, they then mounted the film on a band and affixed it to the knee of a bee—a step not taken, presumably, to raise awareness in the pollen community. “[It’s] because of that play on words,” Newport explained. “To be the business, to be the bee’s knees, to be the best.”