Holiday Inn “Baby”

A newborn baby can’t claim to be smart because it stayed in a Holiday Inn Express the previous night. But a new spot for that brand (via Fallon, Minneapolis) suggests such smartness can be inherited from the parents. How else to account for the fact that the baby here deftly snips its own umbilical chord? See the spot yourself to catch the clever punch line to the vignette, delivered by the tired-but-happy mother of this precocious child. I must admit to being unsure I understand exactly what this campaign has been saying about the relationship between being smart and staying at a Holiday Inn Express. But viewers don’t inquire into such things too closely as long as a campaign is likable, and this one certainly is. You can’t choose your neighbors when you stay at a hotel, but the commercials in this series have an amiable aura that leave you feeling you’d be in congenial company at a Holiday Inn Express. That’s a significant selling point, particularly since the physical amenities of budget hotels seem more or less like a commodity.  –Mark Dolliver