They say you can’t fight city hall. But run for cover if the mayor of New York picks a fight with you.
Continental Airlines, N.W. Ayer & Partners in New York and The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey found out last week what happens when an ad ticks off New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.
Hizzoner (shown here) held a press conference Tuesday urging Continental to pull recent ads promoting flights from Newark International Airport, Continental’s hub.
One offending ad was a radio spot set in a taxi cab. A voiceover relayed the sentiment, if you’re on Manhattan’s Upper West Side and “don’t fly out of Newark, you’ve got to be a tourist. Welcome to New York. Now get out.”
A source defending the ads said that “get out” referred to the cab and not the city.
Before the press conference, the airline agreed it would amend ads that could be misconstrued. But the conference went on the next day anyway, with Giuliani damning the entire campaign as “negative” and “disparaging” to New York and slamming the PA for allowing it to run.
Stay tuned for round two.