Hill, Holliday ‘Rakes’ It In

While most employees in adland were crafting ads last Wednesday, employees at Hill, Holliday, Connors, Cosmopulos were making their mark on the community through manual labor.
After rendezvousing at the Boston office for bagels and orange juice, approximately 50 employees were dispatched to three separate locations as part of the agency’s second annual “Corporate Volunteer Day.” Locations were selected by Hill, Holliday pro bono client Boston Cares, and work included sorting and inspecting food at the Greater Boston Foodbank, yardwork at The Home for Little Wanderers Knight Children’s Center, and cleaning up the Southwest Corridor Park.
But while one might wonder what happens if a client needs to reach an employee who’s off raking leaves, Margaret Boles Fitzgerald, Hill, Holliday executive vice president and director of community relations, insisted that client work does not suffer. “It’s not mandatory and it’s not that the entire agency is shutting down,” she said.
Hill, Holliday has decided to hold a second volunteer day on Aug. 23. Thirty people are expected to donate their services to the Salvation Army, Log School Settlement House and the Pine Street Inn.