Herringbone Spot Scores at L.A. Festival

NEW YORK A 100-second cinema ad for Herringbone shirts last week won the first commercial honor at the Los Angeles Short Film Festival.

The ad, titled “Love Story”, features a tailor who falls in love with a Herringbone shirt. Directed by music video and short film director Kezia Barnett of The Sweet Shop, the spot follows the tailor from when he first sews the shirt to his intoxicating romance with it, complete with romantic playtime on park swings and pillow fights in bed.

One morning he returns to his shop to find its owner has taken it away; he is crushed and runs to covet a different shirt in a store window.

Pulling out coins (too few to make his purchase), he later returns with more money to find the mannequin now stripped bare of his love.

Devastated, with lip quivering, he sulks at a bus stop until he notices a Herringbone bag lying next to the bench. He reaches in to find a shirt, and romance begins anew.

But while preparing the shirt with an iron for a candlelight dinner, the tailor is distracted when a record skips on his phonograph. The iron burns a black triangle into the fabric and again he is crushed.

The spot ends with an image of the anguished tailor and the copy “11,347 stitches in every shirt. Enough to drive any tailor insane.”

The ad, created by The Furnace, competed for the top prize against two other nominees in the category. “Monster” for Hummer from Modernista! in Boston, directed by Noam Murro of Biscuit Filmworks, features the love story of two monsters that finally give birth to the new, smaller Hummer H3.

“Vincent” for Coronation from Squared Brand Communications shows different scenes of Van Gogh’s life arising in his paintings, with prices quoted in the millions. The commercial, directed by Keith Rose of Velocity Films, ends with copy that notes the painter died at the age of 37, having sold only one painting in his life.