Here Is Carlsberg’s Amusing Response to the Protein World ‘Beach Body’ Fiasco

'Budgie smugglers optional'

It's about time someone lightened the mood around those controversial Protein World ads in England. And of course it's Carlsberg that's done so—spoofing the campaign with a topical ad that suggests an alternative to being "beach body ready."

"You don't need #ProbablyTheBest body to enjoy a beer on the beach, or in your local pub. Budgie smugglers optional," the brewer said in tweeting out the image above (and using a colloquialism that refers to Speedo-style swimming trunks.)

Carlsberg even appears to have gone the extra mile by posting its version of the ad next to the Protein World ads in the London Underground.

In the meantime, Britain's Advertising Standards Authority has said the Protein World campaign will be taken down as the ad watchdog investigates whether it should be banned for good. A decision is expected in a matter of days.