‘Hell’s Kitchen’ Serves Rosemount Estate Wines

If Hell’s Kitchen contestants find themselves needing a glass of wine this season, it’s going to be from Rosemount Estate Wines.

The Australian wine company said this week that it would be exclusively featured on the Fox series. Hell’s Kitchen, starring Chef Gordon Ramsay, aired its season six premiere last night (Tuesday).

Rosemount, which is owned by Foster’s Wine Estates Americas, will run a national campaign to coincide with the one-year deal. It will be broken up into three promotional periods: Summer (July –Aug.), holiday (Nov.-Dec.) and spring (March-April 2010). Each term will feature free Ramsay-recommended food and wine pairings. The pairing suggestions will be available to consumers in stores via co-branded tear-off recipe cards.

Additional display materials will include kitchen island-style wine racks, co-branded bottle neckers and shelf talkers, and seasonal life-size standees of Chef Ramsay.

The campaign will extend to Rosemount’s Web site, Rosemountestateus.com, via a microsite. Online visitors will be able to view information about Rosemount wines, read Ramsay’s “Rules for Pairing” and party planning tips, and create a Rosemount/Hell’s Kitchen e-vite to host their own wine tasting party. Links to mail-in rebate offers, show video clips and a Facebook page will also be listed.

“I’m teaming up with Rosemount Estate wines, and it’s going to be massive,” said Chef Gordon Ramsay. “I’m so excited to be part of this fantastic program and to light up the entire wine category.”