Hello, Newman. Hello, Scofflaw

Wayne Knight, who played Newman on Seinfeld, has taken his irritating neighbor act to Wisconsin for radio spots suggesting paying back taxes might be preferable to the revenge that can be exacted by the guy next door.
The radio work is part of a $1 million campaign from Waldbillig & Besteman in Madison, Wis., for the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s tax amnesty program, intended to recoup as much of the $40 million owed by scofflaws as possible.
The campaign uses “Your Cheatin’ Heart” by Hank Williams as its theme song and the tagline, “A cheatin’ heart hurts everyone.” Radio spots breaking this week have Knight explaining the amnesty program and telling listeners, with his trademark sniggering laugh, “Pay your fair share now. Before your neighbors make you pay otherwise.”
Originally tapped to record the announcements was comic Phil Hartman, who was fatally shot a week before his scheduled taping. –Trevor Jensen