Heineken, Warwick, Baker & Fiore/N.Y.: ‘Doesn’t hold up Heineken’s perceived prestige’

Heineken, like most ‘boomer’ driven products, no doubt flourished as a discovery brand fueled by ‘early adopters’ in the ’80s. Often times that ascension can be driven without good advertising or, for that matter, any advertising at all. (Jagermeister, for instance.) But once a product becomes the leader, it’s important to do advertising that remains true to the perceived prestige of the brand. And that’s precisely the problem here. While I happen to be a personal fan of ‘less is more,’ a simple product shot proclaiming oneself ‘the best’ does not hold up that image of prestige. Given Heineken’s rich tradition, certainly advertising could be done that would allow consumers to close that loop for themselves.
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