Heavy Metal

Playing Metal Gear, a new video game from Konami, may be so intense it could give one Vietnam-like flashbacks.
Such is the concept of GWhiz!’s new ad campaign, particularly the TV spot, which breaks nationally today on the WB network and on cable.
The 15- and 30-second ads show a twentysomething guy in an alley, talking to himself and simulating sniper attacks. “I snipered a dozen men I launched 100 mortars. It was madness!” he shouts, while passersby look on. The ad ends with a virtual reality-jargon joke: The man holds a cardboard sign reading, “Help, ex-VR missions player.”
“This is the impact this game has on you,” said Doug Zarkin, vice president of GWhiz!, the Grey Advertising youth-marketing unit in New York. “It’s a mind-blowing experience. If you fail at any level (of 300), say at level 90, you go back to level one unless you save.”
The $2-5 million campaign includes outdoor and guerrilla marketing, for which a Humvee promoting the game will visit college events nationwide.
–Kathleen Sampey