Heater Takes Direct Hit to Print

BOSTON-Heater Advertising’s first work for Direct Hit Technologies seeks to position the company as an attractive partner for search engines looking to expand their capabilities.
Print ads running exclusively in The Industry Standard through the summer feature stylized black-and-white photography and actual Direct Hit search results.
One execution shows a mountain climber apparently hanging on for dear life, and the top 10 results generated by a search using the keyword “prayers.” Another ad showing a search for “perfume fragrances” uses a close-up of a woman’s earlobe and neck.
Minimal copy promises Internet surfers they will “get the most relevant results in the world” by using HotBot.com, ICQ and other engines that integrate Direct Hit results into their searches.
Direct Hit co-founders Gary Culliss and Michael Cassidy won $50,000 last year through Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s new business competition, though the entrepreneurs secured venture funds soon after and returned the money.
Heater was hired by the Wellesley, Mass., client earlier this year based largely on its work for former client Priceline.com, an online travel firm.