healthy message

In a city teeming with provocative, in-your-face billboards comes this new entry: one image of two men cozying up and another of two women about to smooch along with the question: “It is queer to care too much?”

The eye-catching images will soon be seen throughout Los Angeles as part of an effort to promote the Lambda Medical Group. Established by the Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center two years ago, the organization helps serve the healthcare needs of gay men and women of all socio economic backgrounds.

The billboard campaign, created by Fraser Communications in Santa Monica, Calif., is slated to run for 60 days beginning Oct. 11, which has been designated as “National Coming Out Day.”

“We want everyone to know there is a place where they can get the very best healthcare without fear of prejudice or judgement and regardless of their ability to pay,” said a spokes man for the organization.