Harvey’s Splits with Suissa Miller

LAKE TAHOE, NEV. – Harvey’s Resort and Casino has opted ‘not to renew’ its contract with Suissa Miller/Santa Monica, Calif., and will begin a review of agencies in Sacramento and San Francisco in early October, according to Laura Cotter, the hotel’s marketing director. Cotter credited Suissa Miller with producing ‘very good creative products’ during its five-year run with Harvey’s, declining further comment on the split. The hotel has taken media buying operations in-house in recent years, she said, and increased its collateral efforts, with an emphasis on direct mail. SM’s Bruce Miller said Harvey’s billings have dwindled in recent years, falling from $3-4 million to $800,000. Cotter expects Harvey’s media budget will fall between $1.5 million and $2 million this year.
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