Images created by Dallas shops Dieste Harmel & Partners and GroupBaronet are showcased in Information Graphics and Visual Clues (Rockport Publishers, $45).

The new book features more than 100 images from ad agencies and design studios that author Ronnie Lipton describes as “so powerful that words tend to be secondary, redundantor absent.”

Lipton chose to use a poster Dieste created for HBO and four images from GroupBaronet, including a logo for AIDS Arms LifeWalk (shown below).

GroupBaronet representative Matt Tibbitts said the agency’s inclusion in the volumereaffirms his shop’sphilosophy that a lucid message is critical. “[The book] shows there are good firms throughout the country that understand that the message must be clear and concise no matter what the execution is—whether it’s video packaging, a logo or an ad.”