GS&H Chronicles New Set of Voices

Paper’s “Little Man’ Critic Among Staffers Featured in Latest Ads
SAN FRANCISCO-Grant, Scott & Hurley’s sophomore effort for the San Francisco Chronicle again highlights key members of the newspaper’s editorial team. This time, the $2.5 million push even includes appearances by the paper’s famous film critic, the “Little Man.”
The Little Man critiques entertainment in the Bay Area, with cartoons of him sitting in the theater as the rating scale. (It ranges from an empty seat for the bottom of the barrel to him jumping out of his chair for a must-see.)
Two of the new TV spots advise consumers to find out what the Little Man thought of a film before they spend their money on it.
One execution shows a woman entering a dingy bathroom stall. There is the sound of a zipper, followed by a shot of her hands holding a black wallet. She counts, “Five, six, seven, fifty,” as she drops $7.50 into the toilet and flushes it. The voiceover says, “Before you see a movie, consult the Little Man in the Chronicle.” The spot wraps with images of the Little Man and the rating scale.
Another 30-second spot features Chronicle columnist Scott Ostler. It is late at night, and Ostler is suffering from writer’s block. Frustrated and fearful, he wanders the streets of San Francisco in search of ideas.
Suddenly, he looks up and sees a billboard with a picture of former vice president Dan Quayle and the phrase, “Quayle 2000.” Inspired, he hurries off, whistling happily.
“The Chronicle has been a dream client for us,” said Brian Hurley, account director and principal at the San Francisco agency. “We have reached a comfort level … where they are willing to try [advertising] they might not have done in the past.”
Radio and outdoor work echoes the TV spots. Agency principals Scott Aal and Grant Richards were creative directors on the campaign, which is appearing in the Bay Area. ƒ