GSD&M, ACE Raise Their Aim

DALLAS GSD&M is breaking a television spot today for the American Council on Education that seeks to build support for increased funding of higher education.

In addition to TV, the campaign will include print and radio advertising. Operating under the tagline “Solutions for our future,” the multi-year effort is designed to show the practical importance of colleges and universities in the lives of Americans.

“Our approach in the ‘Solutions’ effort is to use humor to communicate our sense of purpose and go against the stereotype that higher education takes itself far too seriously,” said Roy Spence, president and founder of GSD&M in Austin, Texas. “But I can assure you that we are about a very serious purpose in this campaign. While the United States should be justly proud of our colleges and universities—in many ways, the best in the world—we are in danger of losing our competitive edge if we don’t make an aggressive case for future investment.”

Research conducted for the campaign shows that 92 percent of respondents in a survey agree that actions taken today on higher education policy will be critical to U.S. competitive leadership in the world 25 years from now, according to ACE. Only 33 percent of respondents, however, realize colleges and universities are a primary source of ideas for innovations and solutions in America.

Backers of the campaign include TIAA-CREF, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Campus Compact and First Worthing/University Partners of Dallas.

“This is new for colleges and universities, and it shows how they’re living in the real world, where real issues need the help of America’s best and brightest,” said Bob Utley, chairman of First Worthing.