Grooving At Webstock

In less than a week, interactive agency Left Field was able to turn around what the shop’s executives call an “online media blitz” promoting Infoseek’s sponsorship of “A Day in the Garden,” a Woodstock revival set to take place later this month.
The concert, scheduled for Aug. 15-16, will take place at Yasgur’s Farm, the site of the original Woodstock festival in 1969. This year, though, there’s an alternate way to experience the groovy gig: via a live, three-day “Webcast” at
Infoseek poured more than $300,000 into the two-week interactive ad campaign, sources said, which consists of 20 banners appearing on Web sites such as, disney.
com and The target audience includes all hip 18- to 54-year-olds.
Taglines for the effort include, “Three days of peace, love and music,” and “Plug in. Turn on. Drop out.” Infoseek predicts at least 80 million flower children will gather online for the musical love fest. –Jane Irene Kelly