Griffin Bacal checks out L.A.

Griffin Bacal of New York, a $200-million shop best known as Hasbro’s primary agency, has stepped up its efforts to establish a Los Angeles presence, having talked to at least four L.A. concerns (ADWEEK, Dec. 14). The talks may result in an equity relationship between GB and its future partner.
Sources said that the agencies included Kresser/Craig; Stein, Robaire, Helm; and Mendelsohn/Zien Advertising.
“As part of our North Amencan expansion, which includes Toronto and Mexico City, L.A. is our next logical step,” said Griffln Bacal executive vp Myer Berlow. He wouldn’t confirm talks with any shops in particular but said he had spent much of the past month in L.A. working on the project.
The agency has also recently expanded into Athens and has an office in London.
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