Grey Presents Panasonic’s ‘Ideas for Life’

NEW YORK WPP Group’s Grey is gearing up to unveil a new campaign that emphasizes Panasonic’s “Ideas for life” positioning, the client said.

Breaking Monday, May 16, on spot cable and network TV, radio, newspaper, in-store and on the Web, the new work showcases Panasonic’s array of improved products such as high-definition plasma TV screens, digital cameras and DVD recorders.

The last campaign also showcased the products, but the new work focuses more on the how the devices fit into people’s everyday lives rather than just spotlighting the electronics per se.

In one TV spot, various scenes of “shaky” situations are portrayed such as bike riders on a cobblestone street and a man holding a cup of coffee getting jostled at a busy street corner. When someone tries to take a picture of a just married couple on a moped, a voiceover describes the merits of the Panasonic Optical Image Stabilization feature in its digital cameras, which holds the frame even if the camera is shaking.

In a statement, Gene Kelsey, vp of the Secaucus, N.J., client’s brand strategy group, said, “The new series of commercials set up simple universal truths that consumers can identify with. With products that not only express ‘Ideas for Life’ but ideas that consumers can’t live without. The three TV commercials, for plasma, DVD recorders and digital still cameras, have a unique cinematic feel to them, due in large part to the direction of Andrew Douglas, who directed the current Amityville Horror.”

In addition to Grey in New York, Renegade Marketing and Panasonic’s in-house creative team contributed to the new campaign.

Campaign spending was not available. Panasonic spent $70 million in U.S. media in 2004, per Nielsen Monitor-Plus.