Greenberg Selects David Sarlitto To Helm Direct Marketing Unit

David Sarlitto has joined Greenberg Seronick O’Leary & Partners as managing director of the shop’s fledgling direct marketing group.
Just weeks ago, Sarlitto and a small staff comprising the direct marketing unit of Duffy & Shanley were dismissed after the agency lost its largest direct marketing client, AMTS Firestone Tire & Service Centers, Chicago [Adweek, March 2].
At Greenberg Seronick, Sarlitto will work for existing clients as well as be encouraged to build a base of his own, said agency creative director Gary Greenberg.
“If we want to remain competitive with bigger shops, which are all offering these [ancillary] services, we have to get into this,” Greenberg said. “You can’t be just a creatively driven shop anymore.”
The Boston agency had been looking for a seasoned direct response executive for some time. “We had talked to quite a few people,” Greenberg said. Sarlitto “has been [in direct] a long time and we want to do this [new service offering] right.”
Sarlitto first spoke to Greenberg Seronick about joining some months ago but chose, at the time, to stay at Duffy & Shanley. He brings no clients with him from the Providence, R.I., shop because “there really weren’t any clients left to take,” he said.
Sarlitto had worked at Duffy & Shanley for several years, most recently as vice president and general manager of its direct division. He cited the Firestone loss as the major reason the direct unit was dismissed; agency executives said personality conflicts also played a role.