Going Loco For The Lobos

From years of heaping verbal abuse on the visitors, fans of the University of New Mexico basketball team have earned an apt nickname for the Lobos’ home court: “The Pit.”
That edge has been enough to propel head coach Dave Bliss’ squad to six National Collegiate Athletic Association tournament appearances during his 10-year tenure.
The wild atmosphere of the games contrasts with Bliss’ stoic public persona, so McKee Wallwork, Albuquerque, N.M., decided to have some fun by showing another side to Bliss in send-ups inspired by ESPN SportsCenter ads.
Bliss is portrayed as a fiery drill sergeant whipping the fans into shape for the upcoming season. He has them doing calisthenics while holding oversized No. 1 foam hands; he tests their “wolf calls”; and encourages a sweet, elderly lady to snarl, “You’re in MY house!”
“Are you fan enough?” is the tagline.
–Glen Fest