A close-up of a little boy’s face covered with chicken pox is the opening shot. The camera draws back, revealing that his sister is dabbing makeup on him to hide evidence of his illness.

“Am I gonna get in trouble?” he asks her. “No,” she says. “They’re not even gonna know, OK?”

He says he thought he couldn’t go to school if he’s sick; she tells him to “just go to school so you can get some lunch.”

This spot and two others are part of a new PSA campaign to raise awareness of child hun ger in the U.S. The work, sponsored by America’s Second Harvest and the Con Agra Feeding Children Better Foundation, was created by Bartle Bogle Hegarty in New York for The Advertising Council.

“The biggest challenge we had is that so many people look at this prosperous, affluent nation and wonder how children could be going hungry,” said Peggy Conlon, Ad Council president and CEO.

The tag line: “The sooner you believe it, the sooner we can end it.”

The effort also includes print and radio. It was released to coincide with the end of the school year, since hungry kids “don’t have school lunches to fall back on when school is out,” Conlon said. The work will run through year’s end.